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Experience sustainable holidays in a unique way

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Preserve the old, modernize it and make history come alive, that is our philosophy. Old buildings have always fascinated us through beauty, their historical background and creative construction. No two houses are alike, each one is unique. In addition, we recognize the ecological aspect of renovating old buildings.  This represents a sensible and necessary alternative to the energy- and raw material-intensive construction industry. Why build new instead of preserving a historic house with its charm and history?

What awaits you in our houses


100% in the interest of grandchildren

The houses were renovated using natural and ecological building materials and insulated according to low-energy house standards. In addition, all houses use green electricity, partly through the in-house Solarpanels

History meets design

Historic buildings with modern comfort

All the houses are under monument protection and have been renovated according to strict guidelines.The character of the buildings have been maintained without having to make any compromises concerning the advantages of modern living comfort

Natural environment

enjoy the nature

All the houses are located in the  Ammerseeregion with many walking, hiking and biking trails and many other activity options

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